EroticAdventure Week Two: Sappho, Words, & Wanting

what Sappho has to teach us when we embrace her writing is that the magic of creating sexual arousal with language is more than just using dirty words. Sappho grounded her erotic poems, what few there are, in sensual experience..

A Musing on Kolackies, Lady Slippers, & a Collection of Poetry Straight from the Shadows

There are some exciting projects in the works, including contributing to new collection of poetry, a new chapter in my erotic-fantasy series, and some NSFW slippers.

Erotic Eloquence 9/30/2018: A Poetic Musing about The Freedom of Desire

I wanted to bring something beautiful into the world. I’ve been pondering the ways we bare ourselves when we strip down to our skin. The way that one body sings to the other. It is my hope that you all find that freedom for yourselves.¬†

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