Why, Hello. I’m so glad you found your way here.  I’m Anne Stagg (they/them). Click on Musings in the menu to sample all of my wares, or take some time to explore the different corners of my world.

Erotica. Give yourself permission to sink into some sumptuous fantasy. (FYI: as with most of my other writings, queer and nonbinary characters comprise the majority of my smut).

My Queer Agenda. Do I have a queer and trans agenda? Absolutely. It’s all about creating a world where queer and trans folks are afforded the same dignity, respect, and civil rights as everyone else, without shame or fear.

Reflections. These are my musings on everything from anxiety to sexual fantasies, and everything in between.

Archive. If you want to take a deep dive into older content, then visit the Archive. Out there, past erotica pieces and reflections are grazing in the back pasture.

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Where else can you read my work?

Are you curious about where to find more of my fiction, poetry, and non-fiction? Check out the links below! 

Writing as Anne Stagg

“The Weight of Command” in Best Bondage Erotica of the Year, Volume II published by Cleis Press. Available now. (Fiction)

The Mound of Gaia Series on Bellesa (Fiction)

Other Works on Bellesa (Fiction)

Contributor to An Exaltation of Shadows, Volume I published by Dark Gatekeeper Gaming (Poetry).

Writing as Jennifer K. Kowalski

Contributor to Burnt Pine Magazine, Issue 3, Fall 2017

Essays and Creative Non-fiction on jkkowalskiwrites.com

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