Why, Hello, My Beauty:
I’m so glad you found your way to the House of Stagg.  I’m Anne Stagg (she/her). My little corner of the internet is a place to celebrate gender identity, sexuality, and sexual expression without shame or apology, and weave together delicious erotica, sexual wellness, & social justice.

You can find my stories on Bellesa, an adult entertainment site that is curated by women, for women.

Current Erotic Fantasy Series: The Mound of Gaia

There is more to our world than our mortal realm. Millenia ago, the ancient goddesses and gods created another dimension to share this earth. It is a place where magic and myth are alive. The Mound of Gaia is the sacred order charged with protecting both worlds from harm. Meet Vera Desalliers, a powerful Sorceress, Sam, a shapeshifter and her Familiar, and Evander, her Guardian, and a descendant of the ancient Spartans.   These lovers lead the Mound of Gaia. They live, love, and fight to protect both worlds from destruction. The Mound of Gaia, an erotic fantasy fiction series, is exclusively available on  Bellesa.
The Mound of Gaia Stories: 

Don’t miss the newest addition to the series, “The Huntress”: Vera whisked her lovers into the Beyond after the brutal attack on Evander. Now Vera, Sam, and Evander have a moment to explore Evander’s new powers and regroup before tracking down this new, unknown threat.

Love Your Toys & Love Yourself

Your own, sweet Anne (that’s me) has joined the affiliate ranks of Jack and Jill, an incredible retailer who specializes in selling toys and tools to stoke the fantasies of all folks. They also feature a blog section that is a must-read when it comes to sexual wellness and relationships!
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The links that you follow to Jack and Jill are affiliate links. If you purchase something from Jack and Jill when you swing over from this site, I receive a commission to keep the smutty thoughts and words flowing.
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