Chasing Your Pleasure: An Inspired Bit of Flashy Smut for Your Wednesday

One of the fun things about reviewing products for is that it inspires a lot of smutty thoughts. Here’s a smutty flash piece about the excitement of exploration.

A Moment of Reflection & Fic Recs to Spice Up your Masturbation Monday 10/8/2018

The past few weeks have been rough. There’s a short reflection (CW: mentions of sexual assault) After that, it’s back to your regularly scheduled program of fic-recs to spice up your Masturbation Monday.

Fic-Recs to Inspire You on Masturbation Monday: Week 211

I love dark, contemplative days and I’m guaranteed more of those now that the year is turning on her heel toward autumn. Here are three fic-recs to indulge your most delicious contemplations.

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