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The First Word, A Beyond #fetchat Poem

Hello, My Beauties! Last week Nikki from (my fabulous #fetchat co-host) and I introduced Beyond #fetchat, a weekly creative prompt.

Why Start Beyond #fetchat?

The authors and artists that participate in #fetchat are incredible. We wanted to give them space to create everything from fiction to photographs based on each week’s #fetchat topic.

Making space for them to share their creations is a way to continue to demonstrate the brilliant work of folks in the BDSM/kink community.

This week’s Beyond #fetchat topic?

Our topic for last week’s #fetchat, and this week’s Beyond #fetchat was impact play. I was inspired by the moments that happen before impact.

The anticipation is delicious. But finding language to describe what happens in that in-between space is so challenging. Hence, the poem “The First Word” was born.

Content: erotic poetry, references to BDSM/kink and impact play.

The moment before a strike

The First Word

Is there language for the first rift 
in an unbroken crust of snow 
that births an avalanche,
or the single fissure that weakens 
the bones of the earth,
allowing the molten rock within 
to crawl across her face?

I can find the words to describe
the broad strokes of sensation you 
draw from my flesh – 

Sting: the fire blooming beneath my skin 
after each crack of your hand. 
Ache: a dull throb left in the wake 
  of your clutching, hungry fingers.

But where is the single word 
for the beginning – 

the kiss you drop on my breast, 
your lips soft as milk, before you
flick and scratch each nipple
until the hardened nub burns for you,

or, the whoosh of your breath, 
dewy, warm, and so alive,
gusting against the wet folds of my cunt
before you deliver a sharp bite  
to the meat of my thigh.

Where is the langauge so I might  
hold the memory of you on my tongue.

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