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Thursday Thought: WTF is Wrong with People?

My Beauties, I have a question: WTF is wrong with people? It’s my #ThursdayThought because it feels like the last week has been a perfect storm of stupidity.

This morning started with news about the LGB Alliance being trans-exclusionary idiots and Facebook/Instagram doubling down on their crusade against sex workers. 

Hence, I’ve been staring at my computer aghast at the hate infecting the world. 

And that doesn’t even include the actions of the orange dumpster fire in the White House & his cadre of vipers. WTF is happening? Ugh. There’s so much awful going around.

Yes, the awful has always been there. I know.

Trans-exclusionary folks aren’t new (Germain Greer, I’m looking at you). It’s just that the cockroaches don’t hide when we turn on the lights anymore. Instead, they rally around more vocal cockroaches and work hard to ensure they’re spreading whatever plague-ridden thoughts they’re spewing to the world-at-large.

And sex workers have long struggled for equal, decriminalized standing in our society and the workforce. The advent of FOSTA/SESTA further emboldened discrimination under the guise of the rule of law.

Everyone needs to calm down, have an Eggo, and get some perspective. 

As far as respecting and honoring our trans family in the LGBTQ+ community:
  1. Trans folks are human beings. Their gender identity is valid. 
  2. Trans-exclusionary rhetoric is harmful, ugly, and mean. Just stop it. 
  3. To support trans folks, you need to LISTEN to people who identify as trans & amplify their voices. (click that link for a list of trans creators & activists to follow).
   And as far as Sex Workers rights are concerned:
  1. Sex work is work.
  2. Sex workers are humans who deserve respect.
  3. Stop conflating sex work with human trafficking. 
  4. If you’re not a sex worker, are pissed off about how FOSTA/SESTA* are impacting your business, but don’t support sex workers, get your life right. 
  5. Learn the difference between legalizing sex work and decriminalizing it. It’s a crucial distinction. One which allows for the oppression of sex workers through regulatory laws like FOSTA and SESTA, and one removes the criminal statutes surrounding voluntary sex work. 
  6. Supporting sex workers means LISTENING to actual sex workers (do you see a pattern?). Here are places to start your journey:

Be well, be wonderful, and above all, be you.


*FOSTA = Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act & SESTA = Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (signed into US law in 2018) are bills aimed at stopping human trafficking. However, these laws are grounded in the wrongful perception that ALL sex work is human trafficking and violence. As a result, these laws have made sex work more dangerous, done nothing to curtail actual human trafficking, and often create insurmountable obstacles for sex workers promoting their businesses on social media. 


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