Reviewing the Rio & Introducing the Fin

POST UPDATE, AUGUST 26, 2020: At the time this post was originally written, the company provided Rio Anal Vibe by VeDO and the Fin Vibe for Fingers by Dame for review. They no longer offer the toys in this collection, but do not fear! You can find all the toys in this collection at The Garden Columbus.

My Beauties,
Whew, it’s been a busy week! I wanted to take some time to offer a full review of the Rio Anal Vibe by VeDO and introduce The Fin by Dame, the next toy in my Curated Collection of toys to make your toes curl with

Reviewing the Rio Anal Vibe by VeDO

Collection Hero Anne Rio

The first time I had anal sex, I knew exactly zero about how to do it and make it fun. The whole experience lasted three minutes. The Casanova I was dating said, “Can I stick it in your butt” (what a word-smith, huh?). I asked if it would hurt, he shrugged, and I said sure. Without prep or any further discussion, my companion slipped on a condom and pushed in. And I flew off the bed shrieking because ouch.

Big. Nope.

It took years for me to come around to the idea of anal play (Gee, I wonder why?).  I’d heard tales of this mythical experience that was a delight of intense sensations. I did my research, took the time to make love to my body, and learned what made me feel good.

Never underestimate the value of masturbation, my beauties.  On that note, let’s talk about anal play and the Rio Anal Vibe by VeDO. This little gem is a must-have for your toy box, whether you’re new to anal play or you want something that serves up a gentle stretch with powerful vibration. Either way, it’s incredible.

Check out the unboxing video below.

Getting Started.

First, forget everything that the supermarket magazines tell you about anal play. Those things are steeped in the “get through it for your lover” mindset. Guess what? Your anus is one of the most sensitive places on your body. There are thousands of nerve endings in that furled rose of muscle, and if you treat them with care, you can make those nerves sing.

Start Small.

The muscles and tissues in your anus are sensitive, even if you’re used to anal play, play safe, and start small. Here’s a tip from your own sweet Anne, celebrate your journey into the realm of anal pleasure with an orgasm before you sail into more exciting waters.  Anal play feels great when you’re relaxed and what could be more relaxing than an orgasm to get things started.

Once you’re ready to dive in, the Rio Anal Vibe is the best friend to have along for the ride. VeDO equipped the Rio with ten vibration functions, find one that tickles your fancy, pour on your favorite water-based lube, and massage the outside of your anus. The softness of the silicon and the vibration together are like a hyper-focused massage.

When you’re relaxed, add another dollop of lube, and slide the tip of the toy in your anus. The reason this toy is so great for new explorers is because of the starting width. The Rio Anal Vibe by VeDO is just about a finger’s width at its most slender point. I adore that first slip inside, especially with the Rio because it’s so gentle.


Remember, there’s no rush, whether you’re doing this on your own or you have company. Take your time. When you’ve gotten used to the sensation of the tip of the Rio, then you can start moving in it and out of your body. The gradual increase of the width on the Rio creates plenty of room to play, and the vibration modes change with a press of the button.

This is another opportunity to tease your body like the tide. Push and pull in slow motion, stretching just a little further with each plunge. Revel in the vibrations and remember that feeling a stretch is good and sharp, vicious pain is not, at least not until you know what your body can handle (keeping sex, even solo sex, safe, sane, and consensual are words I live by).

The Rio’s handle has a guard that makes it fantastic for solo play. The guard on the base is wider than the widest part of the vibe, which means it’s not going to slip inside your body and stay there. No one wants to go to the emergency room to have something pulled out of their ass.


I put that in all caps because you can never have too much lube when you’re loving yourself or others with anal play. The Rio Anal Vibe is made of medical-grade silicone, so water-based lubes only. When silicon-based lubes meet silicon-based sex toys, the lube breaks down the silicon on the surface of the toy and renders it unusable. Same for toy cleaners and soaps. All you need is a gentle anti-bacterial toy cleaner or soap and warm water.

Want an extra bit of fun?

The Rio is water-resistant, so you can take it in the bath or the shower for those who like it wet and slippery.  You can slip the Rio Anal Vibe in before penetrative sex, and the vibrations will create an incredible sensation for a partner with a penis or pair the Rio with a vibrator-like Ina Wave from Lelo. You’ll be orbiting the earth on a current of full-bodied pleasure that will leave you breathless.

Introducing the Fin by Dame

Collection Hero Anne Fin

There’s a lot to be said about this gorgeous little finger vibe. Your imagination is the only thing limiting the enjoyment you’ll get from the Fin by Dame. Fitting between your fingers (or toes), this is a toy that’s great for both solo and partnered play. Use the three distinct vibration patterns to push yourself to the brink of pleasure over and over again or to bring a sensual massage to the next level.

The Fin by Dame is a delight for everyone, cis or trans. It’s splash-proof and comes with a USB charging cord.

You’ve set the scene. Tonight, you are going to make love to the most precious lover you’ve ever had. Yourself. You slip the small vibe between your fingers and begin exploring, letting the gentle vibrations tickle your skin.

Every tingle stokes your passion. Heat gathers at the juncture of your thighs. Teasing the delicate skin of your inner thighs, you drag the toy in circles, feinting inward. This evening is meant to be savored; there’s no rush.

When the soft cushion of the toy reaches its final destination at your center, you press until you’re panting with excitement. That is when you pull your hand away, allowing the sensation of imminent release to recede. You shudder with want.

How many times can you stare over the edge of the precipice before you fall? You smile and start again…

Be Well, Be Wonderful, and Above All, Be You.


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