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Masturbation Monday, Some Kink for Your Consideration: An original short piece & two Fic-Recs

Hello, My Beauties,
I was feeling extra spicy this Masturbation Monday, so I’ve decided that today’s fic-recs and an original short piece based on delicious spider-web prompt are all about kink in it’s most delightful permutations. Let the story links below be your guide and take a sensual, kinky tour of your own body and mind.
Be Well and Be Wonderful.
Masturbation Monday is a gift from the Smut Goddess Kayla Lords

Woven Tight & Held High

“Nicholas, did you know male spiders select their mates based on the likelihood of being eaten?”
Aster plucked on one of the ropes binding her prey. The taught strands vibrated against his dick and tightened the loop tugging his balls downward. Groaning, he thrust his hips forward, but the web she suspended him in frustrated his attempt to find any relief.
She chuckled, dragging her nails down his chest. Raised trails of pink bloomed on his pale skin.
“I asked you a question.”
“No,” he choked out, the word riding on the back of a hiss.
“Is that why you chose to be mine? So, I could consume you?”
His mistress wove her fingers through his curls, tightening her hand into a fist. She lifted his head. “Give me a color, love.”
The smile gracing Aster’s plush lips sweetened the sting of the hemp encircling him. He drew in a breath, loving how the expansion of his chest changed the pressure of the bindings at every point on his body.
“You’re such a good boy,” Releasing him, she stepped away, reclining in a wing-backed chair, leaving Nicholas to hang from a rigging in the center of the room. The complex artistry of her rope-work was as delicious as the sensations it evoked. The care she exercised in the creation of each knot comforted him. She checked every stress point to ensure he received the pain he craved without harm.
Aster’s nude body radiated control and dominated the space. Draping one leg over the arm of her chair. She trailed her fingers over her skin, feather-light touches intensifying her hunger for release. Her hands traveled down to the thatch of dark hair at the juncture of her thighs.
She sighed when she reached her pussy. Her lips were wet and shone in the light of the candles placed around the room. Nicholas whimpered, his tongue aching to suckle on that tender skin and revel in the tang of her slick.
“You like this don’t you, seeing me spread open?” She dipped two fingers into the well of her sex.
He had been inside her before, laid himself bare for her to use his cock, his hands, his mouth. Nicholas knew the velvet clutch of her cunt and panted, imagining he was the one drawing pleasure from her body. Throwing her head back, she growled a hungry, wanting sound.
“I’m going to fuck you once I’ve come. Would you like that? Should I lick you open until your greedy little hole is slack enough for me to take my fingers?”
“Yes. Please.”
“I’m going to milk the little bundle of nerves within you until your gushing. I’m going to make you come again and again. You’re going to scream for me, plead with me to use you, to suck on you until you weep. And when your prick is exhausted I’m going to feed you with your own spend.” She stroked her clit in furious circles. “Look me in the eye and beg me for it,” she demanded.
He met her gaze, desperation written in his heaving chest and the twitching of his neglected shaft. “I want it all. Please.”
“Ask me to wreck you.”
“Wreck me. Anything.”
She writhed before him, a vision of passion, sobbing through her climax. Minutes passed, the sounds of their exhalations blending together. Aster’s panting in satisfaction, while he breathed in pure need. When she had collected herself, she rose from her throne.
She captured Nicholas’ mouth with a kiss, gentle and firm, “How are you?”
She traced his lips, marking him with her scent.
“Thank you, my pet. You’ve been so sweet for me. Now it’s your turn.”


Holiday Romp by Carson March on There are so many wonderful things to say about this piece. It’s hot, it’s thoughtful, and it features two adults engaging in safe, sane, and consensual kink. March gives us a story that is sinful, delicious, and can serve as a great primer for how to negotiate kink responsibly, including not playing with ropes when either one of the participants is altered. Because that, my beauties, is a good way for someone to wind up injured or worse. The sad news is this is a short piece and the writing is going to leave you thirsty for more. The good news is that March has quite a catalog on to keep you toasty and turned on.
A Cure for Boredom by emmagrant01 on Archive of Our Own (AO3). This is a Sherlock Holmes (of BBC/Benedict Cumberbatch fame) fan fiction piece that deals with bisexuality, demi-sexuality, and kink. If you’re not familiar with the boys from 221B Baker Street, no worries. Emmagrant01 has written these characters with such a deft hand you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. The groovy thing about this piece, aside from the fact that it’s searingly hot, is that it is, at its heart, a love story. I love it when kink and love are woven together. Kink experiences are so often misrepresented as heartless exchanges, whether they are between strangers, friends, or lovers. This story shoves that ridiculous misconception on its ear. One caveat, the kink is under-negotiated in places.


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