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A Moment of Reflection & Fic Recs to Spice Up your Masturbation Monday 10/8/2018

Hello, My Beauties,
I’d like to start with a moment of reflection, if this feels overwhelming to you, then scroll down to the Masturbation Monday fic-recs. 
Over the past few weeks, many of us, especially those of us who are survivors of sexual assault, have struggled. I’ve experienced sleepless nights and anxiety in ways I haven’t since I began my journey of recovery as an incest and rape survivor. I wasn’t feeling particularly sexy or exploratory last week, hence my silence. I took the time I needed to reflect, and I’d like to encourage you to do the same. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself space to heal.  We need to support each other, now more than ever, so please check in with yourself and the folks you love. Offer support if you’re able, and remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a demonstration of strength.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

It’s Masturbation Monday and October. This is my favorite time of the year. The snap in the air is an incredible relief after the long, hot days of summer. Excitement threads through everything. It’s Halloween (Samhain for our Pagan & Wiccan friends). Dressing up in costume may have begun as a way to trick the spirit world, but that has changed as reason overtook superstition. Now, folks use costumes to explore different realities and alternate versions of themselves. Play and possibility become reality as we let our imaginations rule. It’s a freedom we have access to throughout the year and yet, for many, this is the only time that people allow themselves to dream.
I’d like to offer the suggestion that we allow ourselves to explore every day of the year. And as a Smut Goddess and a book nerd, I can’t think of a better way to begin any exploration journey than sinking into a good story.
Here are some stories that will whisk you away to a different time or another world. Each one was written to ignite your imagination and that thrilling ache of want at your core. Enjoy your journey with these tales as your guide.
Be Well and Be Wonderful,

Attagirl by Lauren Emily on Lauren Emily takes you back to 1926 with this sizzling romp. Her writing has the charm of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” combined with Lauren Emily’s searing wordsmithing. Lily, the main character, is a delight, as are her adventures. also sells Lauren Emily’s ebooks We Just Work Together and I Dare You in the Erotic Bookstore of their online boutique.
Rare Merchandise by Cate Adams on Archive of Our Own (AO3). This is a Star Trek AU by one of my favorite authors on AO3, but don’t get scared away if you’re not familiar with or into Star Trek. The characters are developed throughout the story so as to not leave out a reader who isn’t a part of the fandom. This novel-length piece is blended genre erotic-romance and science fiction at its best. The sex is hot and romantic. It’s a first-time, “declaration of feelings under extreme circumstance” story, which is one of my favorite tropes for Spock/Kirk.  There are some non-con elements, but they are more psychological than sexual and are from an OC (original character). Give this story a read and then hunker down to read the rest of Cate Adams’ catalog on AO3.
National Poetry Day Readings of Erotic Eloquence by your very own Anne Stagg. If you wander over the to the Musings section you’ll find readings of my erotic poetry. Go ahead and treat yourself to some sultry poetic stylings to ignite your passions.

Masturbation Monday is a gift from Smut Queen Kayla Lords.

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