A Mound of Gaia Musing on Submission

Don’t mistake my bowed head or bent knee for weakness.  
My submission is my strength.
If I choose to place my heart, mind, and body in your hands, accept them with gratitude and care for them as if they were your own.  
If you abuse them, know you do so at your peril.

Samson of the Kardia

Familiar Consort of the High Votaress, The Mound of Gaia

Power exchange is an ongoing theme in the Mound of Gaia series. The main characters, Vera, Sam (Samson), and Evander are a thruple bound together by love and duty. The stories are filled with passion and magic. Duh, this is erotica. And your sweet, storyteller Anne loves her porn with plenty of feelings and special powers.

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You won’t be sorry, I promise.

There’s a healthy dose of kink that goes down among my three main lovelies. The inclusion wasn’t just to get the blood flowing. I love a good spanking, as much as the next bossy little bottom, but it’s more than that. I wanted to tell a story where the kink was a natural and healthy extension of the relationship dynamics.
It seems like no matter how much kink-positive culture makes it into mainstream conversations, there is still a great deal of the kink community that is shrouded in pathology. One narrative that I find particularly challenging is the one in which a  submissive character is painted as an incomplete and undiscovered person until the right Dom pushes them up to, and sometimes past, their limits. It’s a common trope, so much so, that a certain piece of popular erotica featured a scene in which a sub used their safe word and the Dom ignored them entirely, ostensibly to help the sub discover their inner strength.
That’s not kink. That’s not safe, sane, or consensual. That’s rape.
But, I digress.
The narrative of a Dom guiding a sub toward a deeper and more complete understanding of themselves has the potential to be glorious. There just needs to be an actual exchange of power in the power exchange. The stories that get my thighs quivering are when the strength inherent in a gift of submission is as strong and transformative as the domination.
Hence, the character of Sam, a sub who knows his mind and body. A man who sees each scene with his lovers as a way to reach within and explore the depth of his commitment and passion for Vera and Evander.
Don’t mistake him for weak just because being called puppy makes him tingle in all the right places.
Embrace your nature.
Be well and Be Wonderful, My Beauties.

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