Don't Miss the new Mound of Gaia Story "Drink Deep and Remember"

The first chapter of “Drink Deep and Remember,” the newest addition to the Mound of Gaia series is now available, exclusively on  Dive into Vera’s, Sam’s, and Evander’s pasts as they fight to keep time itself from unraveling and leaving them lost in the lands that exist beyond life and death.
If you are new to the series, this is a great time to catch up on this erotic fantasy saga. Start at the beginning withThe Song of Water.” Follow Vera Desailliers and her lovers, Sam and Evander, as they live their truth, fight for their dimension and our own, and love each other.
This is a sex-positive series, celebrating and exploring the continuum of sexuality and sexual expression without shame. You can find this series and other works erotica fiction on, an adult site that is designed for women, by women. It celebrates the natural beauty of women’s uninhibited sexuality and sexual expression.  It has video, erotic stories, and a collective of lifestyle, relationship, and health articles. If you haven’t been there, swing on over and love yourself  a little, or a lot.
Be well. Be wonderful. Be you.

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