Part I of "Flame's Tongue" the new Mound of Gaia Story is up

The newest episode of The Mound of Gaia stories, “Flame’s Tongue,” is up on!
The Mound of Gaia Stories 
Vera Desailliers is a powerful sorceress and the High Votaress of the Mound of Gaia, an order charged with balancing the elements of nature within the uninitiated world of humankind and the Beyond, the world where ancient gods and goddesses fled when mortals reached the age of reason.  Together with her lovers, a shapeshifter and her familiar, Sam, and her Guardian, Evander, a descendent of the Spartan warriors, Vera faces off against threats to both worlds.
“Flame’s Tongue:” Vera Desailliers lover’s, Sam and Evander, have worked it out so she has the day off. No work. No wrestling irritable elementals. She’s looking forward to a quiet morning on her own, indulging in a little ménage à moi and making a spectacular breakfast, that is until she finds a mysterious package on her kitchen table. “Flame’s Tongue” Part I is currently available for free on, along with the first two episodes in the Mound of Gaia Stories, “The Song of Water” and “Rumors of the Wind.”
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