Primal Play: A #Fetchat Musing on Going Primal

Primal Play: A #Fetchat Musing on Going Primal

Hello, My Beauties, This week #Fetchat is stepping into the past with primal play. And when I say the past, I’m not talking about 19th-century pirate/merman role-play (although that would be fun). Primal play is about leaving civilization behind and exploring the primal self.   So, what is primal play?  Have you ever watched a video…

Of Filthy Manifestos, EroticAdventures, & #Fetchat

Every year sad straight, white men and evangelicals moan about Pride Month. I refuse to allow those troglodytes to dampen my spirit because I’ve got news!

Tiptoe Through Time

Last week was a rough one, but I’m back, traveling through time on my EroticAdventure and immersing myself in Greek myth as I plan the next adventure for my quirky poly family of magical kinksters. This week I’ve even included a smidgen of foot-inspired mythological smut to get you through your Tuesday grind. 

#Fetchat: What it is & Why You Should Check It Out!

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of gender, sexuality, or sexual expression your sexual wellness is important and something to be celebrated. You’re a marvel, outside and in, my beauties, and you deserve to feel safe and free in your own skin.

A Musing on Kolackies, Lady Slippers, & a Collection of Poetry Straight from the Shadows

There are some exciting projects in the works, including contributing to new collection of poetry, a new chapter in my erotic-fantasy series, and some NSFW slippers.

Fic-Recs to Inspire You on Masturbation Monday: Week 211

I love dark, contemplative days and I’m guaranteed more of those now that the year is turning on her heel toward autumn. Here are three fic-recs to indulge your most delicious contemplations.

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