• sea horse with tentacles

    The Circus Came to Corwen, Part III, Remembering the Sea

    Content: MM pairing, Queer, Erotica, Oral Sex, Sex as Magic Power. Read Part I, An Incoming Tide Read Part II, Wading into the Current WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1883, EVENING Roe’s hand closed on mine. The callouses on his fingers rasped against my knuckles. We stood together in the dusk while red and white tent tops unfolded around us like morning glories.  We stood closer than polite society would deem proper. And still, surrounded by people, he held my hand. My shoulders tightened as I braced myself for insult or worse. “No one here gives a fig, Thomas,” he said, squeezing my hand. “I didn’t…” The tenderness of his smile, no…

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