Don't Miss the new Mound of Gaia Story "Drink Deep and Remember"

The first chapter of “Drink Deep and Remember,” the newest addition to the Mound of Gaia series is now available, exclusively on  Dive into Vera’s, Sam’s, and Evander’s pasts as they fight to keep time itself from unraveling and leaving them lost in the lands that exist beyond life and death. 

Part I of "Flame's Tongue" the new Mound of Gaia Story is up

The newest episode of The Mound of Gaia stories, “Flame’s Tongue,” is up on! The Mound of Gaia Stories  Vera Desailliers is a powerful sorceress and the High Votaress of the Mound of Gaia, an order charged with balancing the elements of nature within the uninitiated world of humankind and the Beyond, the world…

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