Primal Play: A #Fetchat Musing on Going Primal

Primal Play: A #Fetchat Musing on Going Primal

Hello, My Beauties, This week #Fetchat is stepping into the past with primal play. And when I say the past, I’m not talking about 19th-century pirate/merman role-play (although that would be fun). Primal play is about leaving civilization behind and exploring the primal self.   So, what is primal play?  Have you ever watched a video…

Of Filthy Manifestos, EroticAdventures, & #Fetchat

Every year sad straight, white men and evangelicals moan about Pride Month. I refuse to allow those troglodytes to dampen my spirit because I’ve got news!

Fic-Recs to Inspire You on Masturbation Monday: Week 211

I love dark, contemplative days and I’m guaranteed more of those now that the year is turning on her heel toward autumn. Here are three fic-recs to indulge your most delicious contemplations.

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