Trans and Gender Non-conforming Voices

Trans and Gender Non-conforming Voices

Hello, My Beauties,  It’s a busy week. The third chapter of my newest story, “Fearless” is live on And on #fetchat we’re exploring issues trans and gender non-conforming folks’ experience in the BDSM community. Firstly, let’s talk about “Fearless,” my newest offering on Bellesa. “Fearless” took root back in March while I’d been doing a fair…

Of Filthy Manifestos, EroticAdventures, & #Fetchat

Every year sad straight, white men and evangelicals moan about Pride Month. I refuse to allow those troglodytes to dampen my spirit because I’ve got news!

Thousands of Thoughts: The Mound of Gaia, Unboxing a Gem, & EroticAdventures

A Wind Daemon rolled through town on Sunday night and blew out our electricity. Aside from being chilly, Sunday night and Monday were both an unplugged delight. Now I’m back in the land of the electrified, so strap yourselves in, my beauties, I have thoughts to share.

A Musing on Kolackies, Lady Slippers, & a Collection of Poetry Straight from the Shadows

There are some exciting projects in the works, including contributing to new collection of poetry, a new chapter in my erotic-fantasy series, and some NSFW slippers.

A Mound of Gaia Musing on Submission

It seems like no matter how much kink-positive culture makes it into mainstream conversations, there is still a great deal of the kink community that is shrouded in pathology. I wanted to tell a story where the kink was a natural and healthy extension of the relationship dynamics.

Don't Miss the new Mound of Gaia Story "Drink Deep and Remember"

The first chapter of “Drink Deep and Remember,” the newest addition to the Mound of Gaia series is now available, exclusively on  Dive into Vera’s, Sam’s, and Evander’s pasts as they fight to keep time itself from unraveling and leaving them lost in the lands that exist beyond life and death. 

Check out the last chapter of "Flame's Tongue," a Mound of Gaia Story on Bellesa!

Check out the last chapter of "Flame's Tongue," a Mound of Gaia Story on Bellesa!

“Flame’s Tongue” is a magical adventure with a powerful Sorceress, Vera, her Guardian, and her shapeshifting Familiar. Vera and her lovers are racing against time to rid Vera of a curse that will strip her of reason before it kills her.

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