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  • Detail of Fresco - Warrior
    Archive,  My Queer Agenda

    Trans and Gender Non-conforming Voices

    Post Update February 21, 2020 Hello, my beauties. Since writing this piece, I’ve come out as genderqueer femme. It’s interesting to come back here, and re-read this piece. My internal reality was shifting in epic, tectonic plate grinding ways. I remember writing the words “I’m cis-gender” and knowing it didn’t fit. But I didn’t know how to reconcile that feeling with my internal reality. At least not without blowing up the infrastructure of my life. However, when I gave myself permission to be authentically me, I discovered my infrastructure was stronger than I ever imagined. It was wonderous. Also, My position on Wynn has changed a bit, as well. Wynn’s…

  • RoaringDetail of Lion from Bernini's "Fountain of Four Rivers", Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy. Animalistic. Primal Play.

    Primal Play: A #Fetchat Musing on Going Primal

    Hello, My Beauties, This week #Fetchat is stepping into the past with primal play. And when I say the past, I’m not talking about 19th-century pirate/merman role-play (although that would be fun). Primal play is about leaving civilization behind and exploring the primal self.   So, what is primal play?  Have you ever watched a video of young wolves learning to hunt? Juvenile wolves use play as a learning experience. They chase and wrestle for dominance. Growl, bite, and scratch at each other to hone their predatory skills.   Primal play is a form of kink/BDSM play that allows the folks in the scene to access their most animalistic instincts. It’s sensuality…

  • Archive

    Tiptoe Through Time

    Last week was a rough one, but I'm back, traveling through time on my EroticAdventure and immersing myself in Greek myth as I plan the next adventure for my quirky poly family of magical kinksters. This week I've even included a smidgen of foot-inspired mythological smut to get you through your Tuesday grind. 

  • The Ina Wave by Lelo, unboxed and in the wild

    Unboxing the Lelo Ina Wave and the Blended Orgasm

    imagine that orgasms are like snowflakes, no two people and no two experiences are exactly the same. Our bodies come in different sizes and shapes, and so does our pleasure. So, when I first read that the Ina Wave by Lelo was designed to produce a paradigm-shifting “blended” orgasm, I was intrigued.

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