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It’s Just a Fantasy, Pleasure On Display

Content: Smut, D/s relationship, having pleasure put on display for a crowd (exhibitionism), and a smidgen of humiliation play.

Welcome to a new project! It’s Just a Fantasy is an exploration of fantasies. These pieces are intended to spark imagination and give voice to sexual desires without the pressure of arranging the logistics reality demands. Or the shame so many folks experience when it comes to their fantasies.

That being said, please know consent is enthusiastic within each piece, even if it isn’t explicitly discussed. While sometimes dark-ish in tone, these fantasies will never contain illegal, unethical, or exploitative content.

Safe, sane, and consensual is my jam.

I hope these explorations will encourage folks to give their fantasies free rein while they are seeking pleasure—especially solo pleasure, as we’re all struggling with confinement and isolation right now.

Pleasure On Display explores my fascination with exhibitionism, D/s, and humiliation play.

It’s no secret I have a kink streak a mile wide. I’m a switch when it comes to BDSM play. I love the idea of showing someone off to a crowd or being shone off. I’m easy. And, for me, spicing exhibitionism with a little humiliation play is a recipe for delight.

A Switch is someone comfortable with both Dominant and submissive roles depending on the day, the scene, and the type of play.

Read, enjoy, and as always, be well, be wonderful, and above all, be you.


Pleasure on Display

Imagine I’ve crawled into bed beside you. 

My hand sweeps over your bare thighs, settling on the thatch of hair over your pussy. The sensation of your delicate skin shivering beneath my hand leaves me breathless. Slipping my finger through the slick between the lush folds of your sex, I find your clit and start a tease.

The muggy warmth of my breath gusts back on my lips as I whisper against your cheek.

“I’d love to show you off. Put you on display for a roomful of watchers. Can you see it? A group of people riveted by the sight of your cunt spread open. The glistening skin, tender and flushed red with arousal. 

You’d be able to see each of their expressions while I finger you. They’ll see you. So clearly. Your hunger for pleasure. Each one will ache to take my place. But I’ll be the one to bring you to the edge, thrust you over, and catch you when you fall. 

Would you beg me to fuck you while they watched? Or maybe you want to choke on my cock and show them how well you serve your lover? 

You can suck me while you stroke your clit. Before we start, I’ll fill all your greedy little holes. Wouldn’t you love a vibrating plug for your ass and a dildo to ride while you give me your mouth?

All those eyes watching you struggle to hold your orgasm at bay while you wait for me to come. Their moaning and panting will crowd out the sound of your mewling whimpers as you chase your own pleasure. 

They’ll see what a gorgeous slut you are for me.

Your incandescence will leave the crowd desperate for even a glance from you. And you’ll know that the onlookers will be forced to remain in their place. They can go on wanting and hungry until the end of time.

Because you are mine.”

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