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Pup, A Sweet Interlude of Puppy Play

Content: Domination, submission, pet and puppy play, and a glimpse at a sweet Pup and his owner Maura.

The most recent #fetchat was all about pet play. I’m fascinated by pet play, especially puppy play. I think I’d make a great puppy mistress. Here is a little glimpse at a sweet interlude between Pup and his mistress. I imagine this is the trust and care that exists in my perception of pet play.

Be well, be wonderful, and above all, be you.



 The air was heavy with the scent of burning leaves. Clouds, fat with rain, hung low, dragging their heels as they passed over the land, like stubborn children on their way to school. 

Maura carded her fingers through Pup’s hair, and watched the afternoon pass. These were the moments she loved most when they could be quiet together. When Pup could rest, his mind full of nothing but pleasure and play. 

The weight of his head was warm on her hip. He nuzzled at her, the leather straps of his mask and perked ears supple with use. 

“You’ve been such a good boy today,” she crooned. 

He snuggled closer with a satisfied huff, and her hand trailed down his spine, bare skin smooth beneath her hand. 

“And you know what good boys get?”

His head lifted, eyes full of trust peering up at her, his ass shifted as he wagged his tail. The erect leather curled up like a smile. She remembered the way he had brought it to her, shy, like he had expected her to laugh at him when he told her his fantasy. 

As if I’d deny him anything. Maura thought. 

Pinching the end of Pup’s tail, Maura wiggled it, a tease to awaken his want. The plug that held it in place brushed against that bright spot within him, and a sweet ache bloomed in the cradle of his hips.

He whined, the high sound in his throat dissolving when he opened his mouth, panting.

“Rollover, sweetness.” 

Pup turned onto his back legs and arms in the air, hands bent forward in black gloves with paw pads stitched in white. Legs splayed, revealing his cock, half hard.

Scratching the trimmed thatch of hair at the base of his shaft, she laughed as he shivered. 

“You want my hand, love?”

He answered with a rumbling woof

She trailed a single finger up the length of his prick, giving the head a brief but vicious pinch. 

A little sting to add spice to his desire, she mused, reaching for the small bottle of lube she’d tucked into her sweater pocked before they’d settled in for the afternoon. 

He grunted when she closed her slick hand around him. Making a tight fist, she stroked him hard and fast, overwhelming him with sensation.

His orgasm came upon him quickly, a rush of desire chased by hunger, a pressing need to come building. Pup clenched around the plug to hold his hips in place. Fighting the need to thrust. 

“Don’t even think about moving, Pup.” 

Groaning, Pup held himself as still as possible. Giving himself over. His will. His obedience.

Everything was for her. 

He came with a hoarse cry, spilling over her hand. Forcing his eyes wide to watch the love and pride on Maura’s face.  

“Lick,” she commanded, smiling at him as he savored the bitter tang of his own release. 

Lapping at her hand, he thought of all the ways she might use him and the hours of play that stretched out before them. 

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