Nude with Unicorn on Chest

Fantasy, A Royal Offering

Content: NSFW Photographs, Unicorn Plushy Fantasy, Gratuitous Shakespeare References.

I was planning on posting for Sinful Sunday this week. When I saw the Teddy Bears and Plushies topic for the Kink of the Week meme, this snippet of smutty fantasy happened.

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Nude with Plushie Unicorn

Fantasy, A Royal Offering

“Kitten, will you kneel for me,” I said, pointing to the floor at the foot of our bed. I stretched out across the crisp sheets. There was no need to check whether you obeyed my command.

You were an obedient pet.

Currents of warm air drifted in through the open window carrying with them the scent of rain. I plucked up your latest offering, a small stuffed unicorn, and rested it on my chest.

It was soft as a puff of breath against my skin. I trailed the plush toy over my breasts, my stomach, and the tops of my thighs. A rush of warmth swelled in my cunt. I pressed the toy against my femme cock. Growling, I thrust my hips up to chase the sweet pressure.

“In this light, you look like Titania,” you whispered.

“A magical queen, huh? Makes sense. Who are you in this fantasy?”

Your voice was hoarse with lust,”Peas-Blossom?”

I laughed, gasping at the shocks of pleasure radiating out from my center. “I can get behind this game. Tell me, Peas-Blossom, what do you say if you’re comfortable serving your queen?”


“And if you need to check in and talk?”


“What about if you need to just stop?”

You chuckle, “Red, Oberon, or snap three times.”

“Good boy.”

I turned away from you, tucking my knees beneath my hips and arching my back. Reaching between my legs, I spread the folds of my pussy for you.

“Look at how wet you make your Queen.”

You whimpered, a high, hungry sound.

“What’s your color and how do you want to serve me tonight?”

“I’m green as a forest glade and I’d love to make you come with my tongue.”

I swung my hips in a circle. You were always on your best behavior when you craved my sex. Smiling at you over my shoulder, I reached back and balanced the stuffed unicorn in the dip of my lower back

“Of course, Kitten. And my new friend will supervise.”

Sleeping Nude with Unicorn

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