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Home is Us, A Bit of Poly D/s Smut for Beyond #fetchat

Hello, My Beauties. Last week’s #fetchat was all about Polyamorous D/s relationships. It was an incredible discussion. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can read the questions and answers on #fetchat’s Twitter feed or visit our #fetchat group on Fetlife where previous chats are archived.

This bit of flash, “Home is Us,” was inspired by the chat. I hope you enjoy this Beyond #fetchat offering.

Content: Poly relationship dynamic, D/s play, a dash of daddy kink, cock warming, genderqueer character.

Home is Us

The scent of home rushed toward Oona when she opened the front door. Vanilla and cedar curled around her. A current of warm air melted the frost in her bones. 

Zoe, a massive steel-grey pitbull, skidded toward her, nails ticking on the hardwood floor. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she squirmed and wiggled around Oona’s feet. 

“Why hello, sweet girl. What adventures did you have today?” Oona bent and scratched behind Zoe’s ears, earning her a flurry of sloppy kisses on her chin. 

In the silence of the house, she heard the low murmur of her lover Morgan talking in the living room. The voice faded and was replaced by her other partner Lexie’s pleased groan, followed by Morgan’s deep-throated laughter. 

“We’re in here playing, if you want to join us,” Morgan called out.

Oona chuckled, and asked Zoe, “What did I come home to?”

The dog heaved a sigh, like the shenanigans her humans chose to engage in were beyond logic or explanation. Giving her one last kiss on the cheek, Zoe lumbered up the stairs. 

Oona shed her coat and scarf. Kicking off her shoes, she nudged them with her right foot, until they lined up with the two other pairs beneath the bench in their front hall.

Shedding her nursing scrubs for yoga pants and a loose sweater was Oona’s post-work ritual. But the sounds in the other room were too delightful to ignore, even for the few minutes it would take to change. 

The sight that greeted her was stunning. 

Morgan lazed on the couch, bare legs spread wide, their button-down hanging open. The white binder beneath was styled like a tank top. Their deep amber skin shone against the fabric.  

From Oona’s vantage point, she could see the black straps that held Morgan’s cock in place. Lexie knelt between their legs, nude, her head bowed over their lap. Morgan had one hand threaded in her hair, and the other stretched across the back of the couch. 

Oona didn’t need to see it, to know that Lexie’s lips were stretched around Morgan’s shaft. 

“Want to play?” Morgan asked, waving her over. 

“What are the rules?” She asked.

“Our pet had a rough day and needed to get out of her head,” They ruffled Lexie’s hair, and she moaned. “If you want, you’re welcome to play with her while she’s keeping my cock warm.”  

They tightened their grip in Lexie’s hair and pulled her off their shaft. She let out a wet gasp. A clutching desire pulsed at Oona’s center and a flush of warmth at the juncture of her thighs had her aching to slip a hand down to stroke her clit.

“What do you think, pet, do you want Oona to watch you serve me, or do you want her to finger your pussy? Maybe tease that greedy clit while you’re down there, sucking my prick?”

Lexie whimpered, “Please, can she play with my pussy daddy?” 

“Good girl, of course, she can, if she wants to. What’s your color?”


Morgan leaned forward and dropped a gentle kiss on her head before lowering Lexie’s mouth to their shaft. 

“What do you think? Want to play?” 

Mouth watering with desire, Oona nodded.

“I need words, love.” 

“Yes, please, I want to play,” she answered. 

“What sweet pets I have. If you’re good, maybe I’ll let Lexie eat your cunt while I fuck her,” Morgan purred. 

A whine rose in Oona’s throat.

“Come here and give me a kiss,” Morgan commanded. 

Oona moved toward the couch like they had bound her with an invisible tether. When she reached the couch, she bent forward and pressed her lips to Morgan’s, relishing the tender pressure. She felt her lover’s mouth bloom into a smile as she pulled away. 

“Welcome home,” they said, “Now strip.” 

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