RoaringDetail of Lion from Bernini's "Fountain of Four Rivers", Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy. Animalistic. Primal Play.

Primal Play: A #Fetchat Musing on Going Primal

Hello, My Beauties,

This week #Fetchat is stepping into the past with primal play. And when I say the past, I’m not talking about 19th-century pirate/merman role-play (although that would be fun). Primal play is about leaving civilization behind and exploring the primal self.  

So, what is primal play? 

Detail of Giambologna's "Abduction of a Sabine Woman," Primal Play, Struggle

Giambologna’s “Abduction of a Sabine Woman.” See below for image credit.

Have you ever watched a video of young wolves learning to hunt? Juvenile wolves use play as a learning experience. They chase and wrestle for dominance. Growl, bite, and scratch at each other to hone their predatory skills.  

Primal play is a form of kink/BDSM play that allows the folks in the scene to access their most animalistic instincts. It’s sensuality and intimacy in their rawest forms. Each participant engages with a sense of presence unhindered by convention.  

#Fetchat is a weekly Twitter Chat I co-host with Nikki from (@loveisafetishon Twitter). We, along with our guests and the kinksters and fetishists of Twitter, explore the kink/fetish landscape. Join us every Wednesday at 5 PM, EST by either searching “fetchat” on Twitter or hanging out on the @Fet_chat feed. 

Unidentified Statue from Uffizi Courtyard, Dominance, Primal Play
Sculpture, Uffizi Courtyard, Florence, Italy. See below for image credit.

There can be traditional D/s roles negotiated before the scene (Primal Dom/primal sub), but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that prescribed. According to Kink University on, partners can wrestle for dominance within the scene. The dynamic can change as the scene evolves. 

Hair, nails, and teeth are the primary tools for a primal scene. Scratching and biting are typical in primal scenes. Ms. Pomegranate from The Black Pomegranate even noted there are times when a spotter is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Need a visual? There’s a brief, fantastic video about primal play on Kink University on (BE WARNED, this is a 100% NSFW link).

Does that mean that all primal play is about rough sex with no rules?

Nope. While primal play involves regression to our most basic drives, not all of our animalistic impulses are forceful. Licking, scenting, and sucking are all primary, instinctual actions. and The Black Pomegranate (two amazing resources used in the research for this post) make it clear that primal play requires a high degree of trust, planning, and negotiation before a scene. 

And guess who #Fetchat has as a guest?

Good Girl Gone Bad Podcast Logo, Badge

This week Nikki from (@loveisafetish on Twitter) and I are joined again by the Goddess from the Good Girl Gone Bad Podcast (@GGGBPodcast on Twitter). The Good Girl Gone Bad focuses on all things sex and kink in a gloriously real and uncensored way. 

Good Girl Gone Bad’s podcast is also an incredible platform for new/unpublished erotica authors. She seeks out stories and then lends her sultry voice to their work, giving it a read. Generous, community-minded, and a kinkster? What more could we ask?

We can’t wait to dish about the beast within, and we don’t want you to miss it. Please join us this Wednesday, 6/26/2019 at 5 PM EST.

Be well, be wonderful, and above all, be you. 


Image Credits

Giambologna’s “Abduction of a Sabine Woman”, detail of the sculpture. Florence, Italy. Photograph taken by Anne Stagg, November 2010.

An identified statue, Uffizi Gallery Courtyard. Florence, Italy. The photograph was taken by Anne Stagg, November 2010.


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