My Queer Agenda,  Reflections

Of Filthy Manifestos, EroticAdventures, & #Fetchat

Hello, My Beauties!

How’s everyone doing this week? It’s the second week of Pride Month 2019, which means sad, white straight men are feeling oppressed and evangelical politicians are moaning about how people having civil rights hurts their first amendment feelings. 

Every. Fucking. Year.

Anyway, I refuse to allow those troglodytes to dampen my spirit because I’ve got news!

My Manifesto of Filth for the Sisters in Smut

Thanks Sisters in Smut for pair this amazing pic with my Manifesto!

I’ve authored a guest post for Sisters in Smut. If you’re unfamiliar with this collective of Word Witches, they’re a group of erotica authors who are changing the genre one glorious, dirty word at a time.  They generously invited me to write a guest post for a subject of my choosing.

I penned My Manifesto of Filth because words matter.  Writing dirty ones that celebrate women’s and queer and trans folks’ sexuality, gender identity/expression, and sexual expression isn’t just fun, it’s a form of resistance.

To Arms, My Beauties, To Arms.

Speaking of Things to Read, Here’s an EroticAdventure Update

I’ve strayed from my EroticAdventure itinerary for a month (or two). The Goodreads  Reading Challenge widget expresses its disappointment in me every time I log on.

I know I’m seven books behind schedule, leave me alone. 

There were extenuating circumstances. I had to take time out to re-read my favorite Stucky fanfiction AU. Lumberjack!Steve and Bucky fall in love during the zombie apocalypse. What’s not to love?

Want to escape the real world with a little dose of Stucky fanfiction? Check out “Not Without You” by SevereStorms and wreckingtheinfinite on Archive of Our Own.

Yes, my brand of escapism involves hard-core daddy kink. Don’t judge. And no one serves that aesthetic up better than Steve Rogers (the Avengers: Infinity War version embodied by the yummy Chris Evans). 

It appears the sculptors of old agreed with me, daddy beards are everything! (pics taken by your own, sweet Anne)

I love beards, they spark “please throw me over your knee and paddle my bottom, daddy” feels.

The problem is that while I’m (mostly) recovered from the most recent lupus shenanigans and family fuckery, every time I open up The Decameron (by Giovanni Boccaccio) I fall asleep. It’s like some 14thcentury sorceress cursed the text and my head starts to nod after a paragraph. 

I have a plan that involves reading classical smut in the morning. You know, when I’m rested and least likely to succumb sleepiness. We’ll see what happens.

And Finally, This Week on #Fetchat: Erotic Hypnosis

See Below for Image Credit

#Fetchat is the weekly Twitter Chat I co-host with Darling Nikki from loveisafetish.com. It’s been going strong since we re-launched in April and this Wednesday we’re going to be talking about erotic hypnosis.

Of which I know nothing and can’t wait to learn.

Joining us will be our guest host Bianca from Helen’s Toy Box.  Check out her post “My Thoughts on Hypnosis For the Kink of the Week on Molly’s Daily Kiss”. It’s a great place to start learning about hypnosis as kink.

You can tune in & participate in #Fetchat each Wednesday at 5 PM EST by either searching the term “fetchat” on Twitter or wandering over to the @Fet_chat feed.

That’s the buzz this week, my Beauties. I’m off to write the revolution one throbbing pussy at a time. 

Be Well. Be Wonderful. And, Above All, Be You.


Image Credits:

“Scherzo di Follia,” Pierre-Louis Pierson (French, 1822–1913), 1863–66, printed 1940s, Gift of George Davis, 1948, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, www.metmuseum.org.

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