In Search of the Blended Orgasm: Unboxing & Reviewing the Ina Wave by Lelo

curatedcollectionstaggHello, My Beauties,
I imagine that orgasms are like snowflakes, no two people and no two experiences are exactly the same. Our bodies come in different sizes and shapes, and so does our pleasure. Some folks have an easy time finding that release and some struggle. I’ve traveled along that spectrum as I’ve grown older, coming with ease when I was younger and then struggling as life and age necessitated re-learning my own body.
So, when I first read that the Ina Wave by Lelo was designed to produce a paradigm-shifting “blended” orgasm, I was intrigued. What is a “blended” orgasm? It’s an orgasm that you coax out through massaging both your external clitoris and your G-spot (your internal clitoris).
More on that later, now take a first a look at the Ina Wave in the unboxing video below.
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The Basics. Lelo is a company that started in a living room in Stockholm and grew to design some of the most beautiful sex toys I’ve ever seen. The Ina Wave is one of those toys. It’s a simple and sleek, made of body-safe, phthalate-free silicone and ABS plastics. An ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and the 10 vibration patterns can vary in intensity from a murmur to a rumbling pulse. It’s even waterproof to one meter so you can play in the bath or shower.
What makes the Ina Wave special (and capable of delivering on its promise of a “blended” orgasm) is that it was designed to maximize sensation for folks with a vulva (the parts of the genitals that are outside the body of someone born with a vagina).
fullsizeoutput_261The clitoris and the g-Spot in folks with a vulva and vagina. The clitoris, for those of us with one, is part of the vulva. The external part of the clitoris is a hooded, small (or large) pearl of tissue. It sits above your vaginal opening where your inner labia meet. But the part that you can touch is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There is a network of clitoral tissue that lives beneath your skin and surrounds your vaginal opening.
Ever heard of the G-spot? That internal network of nerve-rich tissue that makes up your clitoris is the G-spot. It’s less of a spot and more of an area.
How do you find it? Funny you should ask because the Ina Wave is a great tool for just that purpose.
The Ina Wave has two arms; the larger arm is called the pleasure point. It vibrates and moves in a “come hither” waving motion, designed to massage your internal clitoris from inside your vagina. The external arm sits right on the external part of your clitoris. This amazing toy gives you the option of turning on the pleasure point or the external clitoral stimulator or both.
Collection Hero Anne Ina WaveFinding the “blended” orgasm. Take your time, whether you’re flying solo or exploring with a partner(s). Your clitoris (both the internal and external part) swells a little as you get turned on and intensifies your experience.
The Ina Wave is soft as silk and with a little lube, you can use the pleasure point to tease your vulva. Turn it on a low setting and let your anticipation build. Don’t skimp on lube, even if you have an easy time getting wet. You deserve to feel good, and a little slip and slide can be delightful.
When you’re ready, slip the pleasure point inside your vagina so the bend in the toy is pointing up, like someone was fingering you with their palm turned up toward the front of your body. Allow yourself to get used to the feeling.
Once you’re ready, turn on the Ina Wave and experiment. “Playing with yourself” may have some rotten connotations, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Play is a joy. Give yourself permission to experience desire without shame or apology.
fullsizeoutput_277Using the Ina Wave for anal play and/or if you have a prostate. The great thing about the Ina Wave is that it can be used for anal play as well. I’m a cis-woman and I’ve used the Ina Wave as both a vaginal and an anal toy, so the following is based on that experience.That being said, the Ina Wave isn’t just for cis-women. If you’re a trans woman or identify as non-binary and have a prostate, this toy has the potential to deliver incredible sensation.
If you’ve read my review of the Rio Anal Vibe by VeDO then you know the three tenants of anal play: start small, go slow, and use lots of lube. Give yourself time to explore and love your body. It is an empowering experience. Enjoy the journey as you relax the muscle of your anus. A lower intensity on the Ina Wave’s pleasure point delivers an incredible massage. Using fingers to stretch yourself open is also a great way to prep your body for the Ina Wave. When you’re ready, use lots of lube, and slip the toy inside your body. Remember to go slow. The bulb of the pleasure point widens quickly.
Experiment with the depth of penetration. If you have a prostate, then play with the varying intensity of wave and vibration as the toy massages you from the inside. The external arm will touch your perineum and stimulate your prostate from both sides.
67360F44-C9FB-4E5E-BCD7-EA72E3243F2FThe Final Word. The first time I tried out the Ina Wave I went straight for the highest intensity on both the pleasure point and the external clitoral stimulator. I came within a few minutes and the orgasm was an eye-crossing, thigh-shaking experience. It was great, but there really was no time to savor it.
I’m a big fan of enjoying the journey, being mindful of the here and now. The next time I pulled out the Ina Wave, I slowed down and let the different sensations reverberate through my body. I teased and took my time and when I came it was a paradigm-shifting, trembly experience. That sweet, clenching orgasmic feeling shook my entire pelvis. It was like every nerve ending was set alight. I’ve had my fair share of orgasms. This was a new, more intense experience and it stuck with me for hours afterward.
I cannot recommend the Ina Wave by Lelo enough. It is a gem in looks, design, and use and it delivers on its promise of pleasure in a way that is unique among the different types and styles of rabbit-style vibrators. Enjoy.
Be Well, Be Wonderful, and Above All, Be You.
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