Making Waves: Vibrators and 1st Century Humor

Welcome to a new week, My Beauties,

It’s been a strange few days. I’ve been binging on Abba and Umbrella Academy (the show, although I just picked up Volume I from Comixology because the storytelling is phenomenal). All good stuff, but the creativity’s been a little elusive. I have buckets of ideas; the words have just been a bit stilted. Not sure what’s up there.

But it’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time to dish the latest toy in my curated collection,  the Ina Wave by Leloand check in on the latest stop on my EroticAdventure

curatedcollectionstaggThe Ina Wave by Lelo

Meet the Ina Wave made by Lelo, another jewel in my curated collection. It’s a fantastic companion to bring along on your orgasmic adventures.

Folks with a vagina and clitoris have the choice of mind-bending massage AND vibration inside your vagina, vibration on your clitoris, or both.  This is a toy that can also be used for excellent anal play, especially for my trans sisters and non-binary family who enjoy prostate stimulation.
Collection Hero Anne Ina WaveThe Ina Wave has ten different combinations of internal and external massage and vibration with variable levels of intensity. This toy puts you in control of your pleasure from start to finish.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an unboxing video and a full review of this beauty, and on Thursday, I’ll have a flash fiction erotic piece inspired by the Ina Wave by Lelo.

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A Friendly Reminder: The links in this section are affiliate links. When you purchase a toy from my curated collection, I receive a small commission to keep the smutty thoughts and words flowing.

"Youth Playing a Pipe for a Satyr"Humor is a Strange Beast: The EroticAdventure Week 10

Book: The Satyricon by Petronius, Translated by J. P. Sullivan, Introduction and Notes by
Helen Morales.

Humor is a cultural thing grounded in the context of the time, place, and cultural values. It’s the reason why reading 1st-century satire is a challenge. I keep having internal conversations about relativism and re-reading the introduction to remind myself that The Satyricon is satire.

That being said, everyone in the book is fucking. EVERYONE. The protagonist, Encolpius (translation: “in-crotch”) is an ex-gladiator. He travels around having adventures with his lover, Giton (translation: “mate”), a young man of indeterminate youth. Another fellow,  Ascyltus (translation: “un-shagged out”), follows them because he wants to fuck Giton. 

Yay! I love seeing unapologetically queer characters in a 1st-century novel.
But amid the fucking and the incredible inclusion of queer characters, there are passages full of humor that doesn’t translate well to a modern audience. At one point, a priestess breaks into the trio’s hotel and facilitates the rape of the three men. Later everyone drinks a lot and decides that Giton should have sex with a 7-year-old in a mock wedding ceremony.

What the actual fuck?

And once again, I’m running back to the introduction and reading about how this is satire. Wish me luck, my beauties. The jury’s still out on the make my nethers-tingle-o-meter.

Be Well, Be Wonderful, and Above All, Be You.

Image Credit: “Youth Playing a Pipe for a Satyr,” Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (Il Grechetto) (Italian, Genoa 1609–1664 Mantua), 1645–50, Gustavus A. Pfeiffer Fund, 1962, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
Images not expressly credited were taken by your own sweet Anne or provided by

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