Seduction, A smidge of smutty flash to warm up your Thursday

BF6BDF72-6B2E-4876-BA43-8831C1B39532Hello, My Beauties! This week I’ve been all about masturbation and self-love. Learning your body, knowing your worth, and loving yourself are three things that can carry you a long way.

Thanks so much to for being incredible partners. They’ve given me the chance to share my thoughts on sexual wellness for all women (trans & cis) and the products in my Curated Collection of toys that make your toes curl.

That being said, here’s a taste of smutty flash, inspired by the Fin Vibrator for Fingers by Dame (check out my full review) masturbation, and some edging thrown in for a little spice.

Reclining NaiadSeduction

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” you say to yourself, flicking the thermostat up a few degrees to curb the chill in the air.
 Self-seduction. It had seemed ridiculous when you’d read about it.

 Your initial thought had been “Why put all that work in? I know I’m a sure thing.” The idea had stuck with you, though. It grew every day, twining around your mundane thoughts like ivy climbing up the column of a Greek temple.

Candles. Silk. Pleasure. All for you and no one else. Then you saw the finger vibe online and it was all over. You’d gone on a self-care spree.

The new robe you bought for yourself is silk. It falls against your curves like a whisper. Skin still warm from the bath, you pull the tie, letting your hands trail over your chest, plucking at the buds of your nipples. A trill of pleasure shoots down your spine.

When you had been lighting the candles and turning down the crisp cotton sheets you’d splurged on, you’d felt like a character in a play, a temptress planning a grand seduction. Now that you’re in the moment with the scent of sandalwood and cinnamon wrapping around you and flickers of light painting your skin, you feel like a goddess.

A flare of want deep in the cradle of your hips draws you to your bed. You stretch, enjoying the pull of your muscles and the sensation of the air on your bare skin. Your fingers begin a gentle exploration, following your neck downward until you’re spreading your legs wide to tease the tender skin of your inner thighs.

You’re wet when you reach your center and you indulge in brief touches that leave your fingers dewy with slick. The small vibe is on your nightstand. You pick that up and turn it on. It shivers to life and the gentle quiver in your hand makes you chuckle.  Pressing the vibe against your mouth, you let it tickle your lips. The vibe follows the same path you’d forged earlier, and you relish the shift in sensation.

Every tingle stokes your passion.

Circling your hips when the toy reaches your center, you spread yourself open, the vibration pulsing against you. There’s no rush. The only thirst that you need to quench is your own. You vary grazing caresses around the well of your sex, with firm pressure on your clit until you’re panting with excitement.

That is when you pull your hand away and turn off the toy. The need for imminent release recedes, leaving you shuddering with want. You wonder how many times you can stare over the edge of the precipice before you fall?
You smile, happiness swelling within you, as you turn the vibe on and begin again.

Image Credit: “Reclining Naiad,” Antonio Canova (Italian, Possagno 1757–1822 Venice), and his studio, 1819–24, Purchase, Mrs. Joseph A. Neff Gift, in memory of Joseph A. Neff, 1970, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,

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A Friendly FYI: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase a toy from curated collection, I receive a small commission to help keep the smutty thoughts and words flowing.


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