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What's in Your Toy Box?


Basic RGB This collection is the result of a partnership with, who provided these incredible products for me to review and share with you. The links in this entry are affiliate links. If you purchase one of these toys, I receive a small commission to help keep the smutty words and thoughts flowing. Thank you!

Happy Curated Collection Day, My Beauties!

I’m so excited to announce the first three products in my Curated Collection of toys to make your toes curl!  If you’ve read my Mound of Gaia series on Bellesa (that’s an NSFW 18+ Only Link) or any of the flash fiction or poetry on this site you know that I have an affinity for fantasy and embracing and celebrating sexual expression in all it’s amazingly human and delightful forms.

Collection Hero Anne Rio
The Rio Anal Vibe by VeDO is a great addition to your toy box. Its slim design is perfect for folks new to anal play and its powerful vibes can up the intensity for those looking to shake things up.

The first three products in my curated collection are the Rio Anal Vibe by VeDO, The Fin by Dame, and The Ina Wave by Lelo. I chose each of these because they are great for fun, sensual exploration, body safe, expertly made, and delightful to play with whether you’re on your own or with friends.

Over the next three weeks, I’ll be reviewing each of these beauties for you. Unboxing them in videos made especially for and adding a little extra imaginative spice with flash fiction pieces inspired by each one of your wonderful new friends.
Why a Curated Collection? I talk a lot about sexual wellness and the importance of learning about and loving yourself and your body.

Collection Hero Anne Fin
The Fin by Dame is a delight. A small, but powerful finger vibrator, this gem enhances solo self-love, partnered play, and sensual massage.

Women, trans and cis, are often at odds with themselves, whether it be because of culture, trauma, religion, or any of the other multitude of ways we come to see ourselves as other and ugly.  That sucks. Period. End of.
Our relationship with our gender identity, sexuality, and sexual expression are a huge part of who we are. It took a long time for me to embrace my pansexual, kinkster self. It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when I couldn’t ask for who and what I wanted in bed (or in the kitchen, or the living room, or on the fire escape).

Collection Hero Anne Ina Wave
The Ina Wave by Lelo delivers pleasure that will knock you into orbit. It’s fabulous as a tease to warm things up or as the main event in your play.

For all intents and purposes, I was functionally mute when it came to my sexuality and sexual expression. I started out as a stranger in my own skin, how the hell was I supposed to know what types of toys would work for me?
The first dildo I bought never lost its rubbery, chemical smell and made my vagina burn the first time (and only) I used it. I’m certain that my first vibrator was chock-o-block full of phthalates and other nasty chemicals. It glowed in the dark, that can’t be good for you.
Fast forward a decade and here I am, writing smut and advocating for the freedom to live, love, and play without shame or apology. Then came calling with the fantastic idea of a curated collection and  I jumped in with both feet. I knew it was time to add sharing my love of sexual exploration to the chorus that is singing about sexual wellness.
Be Well, Be Wonderful, and Above all, Be You.
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