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Hello, My Beauties!
The polar vortex has swept in and created the perfect weather for snuggling and reading. I’ve been taking advantage of that with my honey and my pup, plus diving headlong into a host of exciting new projects!

Updates from the World of Anne Stagg

The Mound of Gaia Series Part V of the latest installment, “The Huntress” should be dropping soon. In part IV, Vera went to her lover Artemis to ask for her help in avenging Lethe’s attack on one of her bond-mates. Artemis took a Shibari-inspired, creative route to remind Vera that when she needs help,  all she has to do is ask. Now Vera, Sam, Evander, and Artemis are setting out with a group of allies to brave the dangers of the Underworld.  This new installment has been shined and polished and is just waiting for the final okay from Bellesa’s Smut Queen Extraordinaire, Jayne Renault.
What’s in Your Toybox? Coming soon, your own, sweet Anne is working with a web retailer who sells delightful sexy gadgets to develop a curated line that will focus on pleasure and play for ALL women. Why? Because sexual wellness matters and there are a lot of great toys out there to help women learn about what makes their toes curl. I’m going to be exploring that gadgets and sharing my thoughts on them as I go, so stay tuned!

The EroticAdventure, Week 3

I finished “Stung with Love: Poems and Fragments” by Sappho,  Aaron Poochigian (Translator) and Carol Ann Duffy (Introduction) yesterday morning. The journey through the fragments of poems presented in “Stung with Love” was a delight. Despite so little of Sappho’s poetry surviving into the modern era, I walked away from this book knowing that every poet writing in the Western tradition owes Sappho a tremendous debt. Poochigian’s loving and careful translations and his insight into the historical elements of her life and the time in which she lived brought Sappho to life.

“Sappho is important because she gives a fully human voice to female desire for the first time in Western literature.”

-Aaron Poochigian on the importance of Sappho. “Sappho. Stung with Love: Poems and Fragments of Sappho”(Penguin Classics) (p. xxxix). Aaron Poochigian (Translator) and Carol Ann Duffy (Introduction) Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

She was a revolutionary poet and a muse for those poets who followed her. Sappho loved with the ferocity of a warrior and unveiled women’s passions without shame. We made love through language and I adored having her in my mind. Sappho fed my fantasies with images of rose garlands, goblets of nectar and sweet wine, and the scent of myrrh on a pale breast.
Sappho’s song and vision are alive in every woman and I encourage every one to read her words, listen to her voice, and allow her passions to resonate in their bodies and hearts.
Next Stop on the EroticAdventure: “Ovid. The Art of Love.” Translated by James Michie, Introduction by David Malouf.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sappho, by Auguste Charles Mengin (1853 to 1933), Photo Credit: The Manchester Art Gallery, CC BY-NC-ND.

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