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A Musing on Kolackies, Lady Slippers, & a Collection of Poetry Straight from the Shadows

Hello, My Beauties,
Life has been a challenge these past few weeks. The holidays are a strange time for me. I live in the US and every year from mid-November through December 31st, I find myself creatively stretched.
This year I’m juggling some exciting projects. I’m completing  “The Huntress”, the seventh volume in The Mound of Gaia Stories, my erotic-fantasy series on (that link is NSFW if you’re reading this musing at work). There are some yummy kitchen experiments happening at Chez Anne. My current obsession is with Eastern European baked goods. Cream cheese pastry dough? How have I lived all these years without this deliciousness?  And, if that’s not enough, I’m trying to noodle out how to knit slippers that look like beautiful blooming vaginas, because who wouldn’t want to snuggle their cold tootsies inside a soft, warm pussy.
In the midst of the hullaballoo, I wanted to take a moment to say “Happy Merry Holidays” and let you know I have NEWS:
DtIXhRuXoAAfrqt“An Exaltation of Shadows” is a collection of poetry now available for purchase at DriveThru Fiction.
What is this sorcery, you ask?
The collection of poetry is the brainchild of author and publisher, Thomas Paschal of Dark Game Keeper Publishing. It features four poets, your own sweet Anne Stagg, Nekroturnal Bat, Brian Omen, and Macarena Murin Garcia. Thomas Paschal offers a meta-narrative that weaves an imaginative foundation on which the poet’s work stands.
I’m thrilled to be a part of the project and showcase erotic poetry that is stripped bare.

If you have someone who is a fan of the darker side of literary offerings “An Exaltation of Shadows” would make a great holiday gift.

That’s all for now. Check out the new book and wish me luck on the pussy slippers. If you need a break from reality, don’t forget you can always hop over to and read The Mound of Gaia stories, an erotic-fantasy series.  Start with the story “The Song of Water” and settle in for a fantastic ride through Greek myth and modern love that is kink and poly positive.
That’s all for now. Stay tuned, there’s always more to come.
Be Well & Be Wonderful

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