Friday Flash No. 31, A #WillVote4Kink Story

Hello, My Beauties!

Here in America, we survived the 2018 Midterms and there was, in fact, a blue wave. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who voted. And thanks to those folks who participated in the #WillVote4Kink experiment!

Below is the flash piece born from #WillVote4Kink. It is a companion piece to my other #FriFlash contribution, “Forever.” What can I say? I love tentacle porn and the recipient requested some biting action. When I thought of all those tiny suckers nipping like little mouths, I required a little self-loving time of my own.  The theme for this week’s #Friflash prompt was “boudoir.” A stellar nursery is like a boudoir if you’re an unnamed horror living between the stars.

Be Well & Be Wonderful!


Friday Flash is the inspiration of Smut Goddess F. Dot Leonora
Featured Image Credit: The Serpens Nebula. News Release ID: STScI-2018-40
Release Date: Oct 31, 2018. Taken by the Hubble Telescope. NASA, ESA, and STScI


Before you dive in, read Forever, Part I!

When He Awakens

A continuation of the flash fiction piece “Forever” written for #WillVote4Kink Participant Ro Molina, who is a writer, a fierce human being, and an all-around delight.  You can learn all about her by visiting her website, Unnatural Creatures.

Mortals experienced the darkness and silence of the void as absolute. The horrible beauty between the stars was beyond the fragile limitations of human sight.

Thirteen-thousand light-years from earth, in the shadow of a stellar nursery, a creature was born into a life of endless night. He had once been a man named Michael. His consciousness unfurled like the leaves of a fiddlehead fern bathing in the spring sunshine.

The air around him was warm. He stretched his arms, wondering at the swirls of tawny light streaming through gaps between his fingers.

Huh, still got hands. Michael was surprised. He hadn’t expected to maintain his physical body when he abandoned his humanity for the love of his beautiful monster. Eledon? He called out with his mind.

I’m here, Eledon answered.

They spoke to one another, thought-to-thought.

Muscular, human arms encircled his waist and a pair of cool lips brushed the nape of his neck. A fall of tentacles, strong and slick, with rows of sucking cups like tiny mouths, twined around his lower body. Michael flailed in space attempting to return the embrace.

Eledon laughed and he turned in his lover’s arms, his movements slow and clumsy. No fair making fun of the new kid. It’s all good above the hips, but down there. He waved toward the bottom half of his body, where the resemblance to a man ended. How do you get those things to do what you want?

It takes time to figure out a new body, nerd. I told you gravity makes everything easier, but no, you couldn’t wait to see the universe.

Everything? Michael swept a hand through Eledon’s hair, pulling him closer.

Eledon chuckled and kissed down his neck, the cups on his tentacles nipping at Michael’s flesh. Shocks of delight rippled out from the small roses blooming in the aftermath.

The prickling bites were delicious. He trembled at the honey-rich ache of arousal that rushed along the surface of his skin, the whole of his body as sensitive as the head of his cock had been before the change.

Pleasure and pain were woven together, stoking the heat blazing in his belly. He tossed his head back, his chest heaving, drawing in darkness instead of air.

Instinct and arousal overwhelmed him.

Michael bore his teeth, pressing them to Eledon’s shoulder with enough force to sting, but not rend the flesh. The taste of his lover spilled over his tongue. He lapped at the livid bruise, chasing the flavor of burnt caramel and salt on Eledon’s skin. His lover’s moan resonated through him and he shuddered with want.

They writhed together, limbs curling like vines, as they fed on each other’s passions. They rode the edge of their lust, teasing and lapping at fingers, tentacles, tongues. A new language springing from their coupling. Millennia passed as they made love, stars were born and died in the wake of their shivering release.


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