Friday Flash No. 24: "Forever"


Hello, My Beauties,

I wanted to try something new this week. I figured I would give Friday Flash a go. Also, the prompt was “Tentacles” and I cannot resist tentacle porn.

Allow me to introduce Michael. A solitary man, sitting by a campfire on a moonless night, waiting for someone…or something.
Of course, now that I’ve met these characters, I want to find a home for them and let them have all manner of exciting, spicy adventures because even after this brief of a meeting, I love them.

Your thoughts are always welcome as well as questions. And if you liked this story, hop over to Bellesa.co and check out my Mound of Gaia Series.
Be Well and Be Wonderful.

Friday Flash is the inspiration of Smut Goddess F. Dot Leonora.


Michael checked his watch.

11:36 PM.

Darkness pressed against the ring of light from Michael’s campfire. Out beneath the moonless expanse, where the shadows melted the earth and sky together, water lapped at the shore.

Like lovers exchanging kisses on the borderland of sleep. He huffed, annoyed with his own maudlin romanticism, and stoked the fire.

11:57 PM.

The quiet was interrupted by furious splashing echoing across the surface of the lake. Michael stood, eyes straining in the direction of the noise. Growing closer, the sound soon changed to the silver whisper of a creature slipping over the sand.

A figure appeared at the edge of the light, emerging from the black like a living nightmare. The monster looked like a bare-chested man from the waist up, with lithe muscles and skin of shimmering cobalt.

The human resemblance ended at the abdomen. A smooth trunk extended downward where the eye expected to find a thatch of hair and a cock. Below the hips were eight tentacles, each bearing two rows of cups, opening and closing like sucking mouths. The creature’s smile revealed rows of spiked teeth.

“Eledon,” Michael said, the name tender on his tongue. “You’re early.”
“I couldn’t wait.”

They closed the distance between them in a rush, kissing and nipping at one another’s lips like starving men. Michael whimpered, his fingers trailed over Eledon’s back, touching new scars whose stories he might never learn, not when the night was so brief.

We need more time, Michael thought, gasping as Eledon tore his shirt from his body.

“I liked that, you dick.”

Eledon laughed, divesting Michael of his remaining clothing. Nude, Michael’s prick jutted up against his stomach. Gripping the base of his shaft, Eledon dipped his head and licked away the pearl of fluid gathered at the slit.

Michael pleaded for the heat of Eledon’s mouth and the beast swallowed him to the root. The mixture of arousal and the fear of those dagger-sharp teeth created a heady potion of desire. Eledon swarmed over Michael’s body, the slick tip of one tentacle slid over the tight furl of muscle at his center.

“I need you,” Eledon whispered.

Turning in Eledon’s embrace, he spread his ass, offering himself to his beloved monster. They writhed together through the night, heedless of the watchers gathered in the darkness, basking in their love-making.


Michael studied the horizon, “Dawn’s coming.”


His eyes pricked with tears.

“What?” Eledon asked.

“One night a year isn’t enough.”

“You know,” he dropped a kiss on Michael’s forehead, “I asked mother if the magic that made us still exists. For you. I should have thought of it sooner.”
“When you’re eternal, I bet ten years is like five minutes.” Michael shrugged, struggling to keep his hopes in check.

“It turns out,” Eledon unfurled one of his hands and a flask materialized on his palm, “It does.”

Michael reached for the drink, “Will the change hurt?”

“Maybe? So, will you be mine? Forever?”


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