Happy National Poetry Day

Happy National Poetry Day My Beauties!

It’s a day to spill language everywhere and revel in the words that we love. As a special treat, I’ve recorded the poems that have been featured here in the weekly Erotic Eloquence postings. Listen. Read. Enjoy.

Then make something beautiful, because the world needs beauty right now, more than ever.

Be Well and Be Wonderful,


Heading North on Sheridan Road  (Click here to read Heading North on Sheridan Road)

What Came After the Wolf & the Woodcutter  (Click here to read What Came After the Wolf & the Woodcutter)

Consent  (Click here to read Consent)

Composition  (Click here to read Composition)

Please do not reprint poetry without permission. If you are interested in reprinting any work found on this blog, please visit the Contact Me page and send me an email. Thank you! 

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