Fic-Recs to Inspire You on Masturbation Monday: Week 211

What a Gorgeous Monday My Beauties.
It’s rainy and there is the hint of coolness in the air. Just a breath of it, like the gentle exhalation that tickles your cheek when your lover leans in for a kiss. I love dark, contemplative days and I’m guaranteed more of those now that the year is turning on her heel toward autumn.
Here are three fic-recs to indulge your most delicious contemplations. They will stir the heat that grows between your thighs when your lust awakens. You’re familiar with that heat, aren’t you? It’s the pulsing sensation that drags your hand downward until you are stroking the skin on your stomach and petting your thighs with the tips of your fingers. Teasing yourself while you get lost in words that push your imagination beyond the confines of your own skin.
Go ahead, my beauties. Step into the lives of these characters, find your pleasure as they explore their own:

The Edge of Glory by Jane Renault, available on If you haven’t read this Smut Queen’s words, you are missing out. This story will transport you into the mind of a woman who is chasing her bliss by stepping past the boundaries of convention. It’s a scrumptious exploration of kink written in a voice that is steeped in wit and authenticity. Read. Her. Work. It’s delightful.
My Golden Sun / Kin-Kur Las’hark T’nash-Veh by giddytf2on Archive of Our Own (AO3).  Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if the Star Trek universe had Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics? No? Shame on you. This story is set in the Star Trek – Kelvin timeline, after the second movie in J.J. Abrams’ series of films (Star Trek: Into Darkness). Giddytf2 has embodied these well-loved characters in wonderful, imaginative ways and given us a beautiful love story with scorching hot sex. Go ahead and get your geek on with some Spirk (Spock/Kirk) this week.
Performance Art by Anne Stagg (that’s me!) on Meet Lilith, a fierce Femme-Domme, and her pet Kitten, a bearded, beautiful man. Kitten is aching to prove to his Queen just how good a boy he can be for her. They take the stage together to give an audience a sensual, orgasmic demonstration of power exchange. This piece was written to challenge those pre-conceptions about D/s relationships and to highlight that communication and consent can be sexy. You can read my musing on challenging D/s stereotypes here.
Take the edge off your Monday and start the week out right. Go ahead and let your hands wander while you read, my beauties.
Be Well and Be Wonderful,
Masturbation Monday is a gift from Smut Queen Kayla Lords.

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