Why are the Mound of Gaia Stories about a Polyamorous Thruple? OR Healthy Representation Matters

Check out the latest Mound of Gaia Story “The Sacred Passage Parts I & II” on Bellesa; If you are new to the Mound of Gaia stories, don’t worry! There is plenty of time to catch up. All of the stories are available for free on Bellesa. Check out the first story in the series, “The Song of Water.” 

Full disclosure? I’m not polyamorous and there is no dearth of threesomes in erotic literature and visual porn. So why am I writing a story whose three main characters are pansexual individuals in a polyamorous relationship?
It’s not a trick question.  I promise.
I wanted to write about a polyamorous “thruple” because I believe REPRESENTATION MATTERS. It feels good to see yourself at the center of a story. Erotica is no different than any other literary genre, in fact, I would argue it is more important to ensure there is adequate representation of all genders, body types, sexualities, sexual expressions, and relational patterns in erotic media, whether it be erotic fiction or visual porn.
No, that doesn’t include relationships with anyone or anything that can’t give consent. If you are about to throw a pedophile or bestiality reference at me, save it. I believe that all gender, sexuality, sexual expression, and relational patterns are 100% okay, as long as all parties are involved in the consent process and activities are  SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) or RACK (Risk Accepted Consensual Kink)  activities between ADULTS.
Recognizing your sexuality, gender expression, sexual expression, and relational patterns when exploring your own pleasure is important. Knowing that there are healthy examples of what your life looks like is empowering and for those who are searching, it can be a lifesaver.
The problem is that there are few examples of sex-positive, healthy polyamorous relationships out there. Folks whose relational patterns are not the hetero, monogamous dyad don’t often get see themselves in books, movies, and TV shows. When they do, there is usually some form of pathology attached to their relationships. It makes sense, in a sad, dominant culture kind of way, we are programmed via Anglo-Saxon, western, Judeo-Christian culture to accept that healthy relationships are two people, whose gender matches their biology and are of opposite gender, maintaining a sexually and emotionally monogamous relationship of which children are a result.
But that isn’t for everyone and it is about time we started seeing healthy examples of relationships where the hetero, monogamous, dyad is not the only healthy relationships available to emulate.
That is how Vera and her lovers Evander and Sam were born. I wanted to show a happy thruple, who respected each other’s needs and engaged in a relationship that thrived because of who they were and how they lived, worked, and loved together.
After all, there is more than one way to find happiness and fulfillment in life.  There is also more than one way to find joy and contentment in love.
Be Well. Be Wonderful. Be You!

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