"Flame's Tongue" Part II is here on Bellesa!

If you are not familiar with Bellesa, you should probably surf over and check it out. It’s  an NSFW adult entertainment site that was designed for women, by women to create a sex-positive space for women to explore their sexuality and sexual expression.
The Erotic Stories section is an especially exciting and features powerful stories by women who dare to confront sexuality and sexual expression in all of its glorious forms!

“Flame’s Tongue”, Part II of the latest episode in my erotic fantasy series, The Mound of Gaia Stories is up on Bellesa.
“Flame’s Tongue:” Vera Desailliers is one of the most powerful sorceress’ in any world you’d care to visit. Her lover’s Sam and Evander have worked it out so she has the day off. No work. No wrestling irritable elementals. She’s looking forward to a quiet morning on her own, indulging in a little ménage à moi and making a spectacular breakfast, that is until she finds a mysterious package on her kitchen table. “Flame’s Tongue” Part I  and Part II are currently up on
If you missed the first episodes in the Mound of Gaia Stories, now is a great time to catch up! Check out “The Song of Water” and “Rumors of the Wind.” 

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