A loving Queen & a fierce Kitten: The erotic short story “Performance Art" challenges stereotypes

My latest piece of short erotic fiction, “Performance Art,” is up on It is a look at a stern and loving Queen and her Kitten. Together they are elevating kink to a public art form.
I wanted to write a piece that challenged both the concept of the Femdoms as cold and unloving and subs, especially men, as weak. The story is told from the perspective of a Femdom named Lilith while she and her sub, a man who she refers to as Kitten, engage in a public scene at a club.  Lilith is constantly amazed by Kitten’s strength and the power and trust it takes to submit to someone.
It’s not a real radical concept within the Kink community where folks are familiar with safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) power exchange play. The LGBTQIA community is also a place where people are more likely to accept that people’s perceptions of gender, power, and sexuality are their own.
It’s time that the straight world took a few lessons from the Kink and LGBTQIA communities on issues like gender norms and consent. Don’t get me wrong, there are corners of both the LGBTQIA and Kink communities that need some work, but overall I think it’s far more common to see women, men, and gender-fluid/non-binary folks be more comfortable with sexual expression in these communities.
So for my straight, non-kinky brothers, sisters, and gender-fluid/non-binary family, here are some rabbit holes you may want to pop down:

  • A woman (trans or cis) can be powerful, stern and loving. Those qualities aren’t mutually exclusive;
  • Men (trans or cis) can submit, cry, ask to be cared for, and like Downton Abbey without losing their “manhood” card; and
  • C-O-N-S-E-N-T is an ongoing dialogue, not a one time conversation. Just because you asked if it was okay to kiss, doesn’t mean it’s okay to stick your hand down your partner’s pants. ASK FIRST.

Performance Art” explores those dynamics and has some spicy kink thrown in, it’s erotica after all.
Also, if you haven’t checked out the erotic fiction on, please do. There is a little something for everyone. It’s a great site, run by some phenomenal women, who are committed to creating safe sexual spaces for women to explore their sexuality and sexual expression in the virtual world.


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