"Rumors of the Wind" is now complete!

Check out the latest complete episode in the genre-blending Mound of Gaia Stories, “Rumors of the Wind,” on!  The Mound of Gaia Stories combines the excitement of magic and fantasy with woman-centered, sex-positive erotica.

The Mound of Gaia Stories 

Vera Desailliers is a powerful sorceress and the High Votaress of the Mound of Gaia, an order charged with balancing the elements of nature within the uninitiated world of humankind and the Beyond, the world where ancient gods and goddesses fled when humankind reached the age of reason.  Together with her lovers, a shapeshifter, and her familiar, Sam, and her Guardian, Evander, a descendant of the Spartan warriors, she will face off against threats to both worlds.

If you’re new to Vera’s world, start with “The Song of Water.”  This is the first episode in the Mound of Gaia Stories. Vera is having a terrible day, something is amiss in the Beyond, and it is up to her and her lovers to find out what it is before it seeps through to the uninitiated world.

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